Mystical game with earnings of cryptocurrency TRON (TRX)

Learn all the secrets of magic owls

Welcome to the fascinating online game with earnings of cryptocurrency TRON (TRX)! Immerse yourself in the game and a mystical world of magical owls bringing money.
Learn magic and get a stable profit. The recipe for success and earnings is simple. Earn TRX by buying virtual owls. Each owl is subject to its own element, collect them all and become the master of the enchanting forest. Earn and withdraw profits every hour.


1. To start the game you need to purchase one or more magical owls. Or buy OWL tokens (TRC-20 compatible)

2. Each owl has unique properties and produces a certain amount of magic per day (like a mining action). Magic is TRC20 token (OWL). OWL token cost will grow by 1% every day and can be sold for TRX to the contract or in decetralazed exchanges.

3. Each magic token extracted by your owls can be sold for TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency, at the rate growing by 1% per day. Starting rate of magic = 1 TRX.

4. Owl can be purchased for cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) or for the extracted magic (NOT bought magic!!!). The price of an owl in earned magic tokens is 30% cheaper than TRX.

5. The cost and characteristics of owls can be viewed at the owls shop.

6. The last 5 depositors who have invested 5000TRX and more, will receive an additional magic of 3% per day from this amount. Profit is calculated when a new investor appears.

7. The smart contract code is open source.

8. The game has a referral system. 5% of your referral's income or 2% from buying magic tokens. Only players who are already playing this game can get a referral link.

9. Administration commission is 10%.

10. You can trade OWL tokens here:

Your ref. link

Investors with 3% per day
You can see it on TRONSCAN

  1. Buy owls, they
    will produce
  2. Magic will be
    gather on
    warehouse, collect it
  3. The magic can be
    changed for new owls
    with 30% discont
  4. Magic can be sold,
    for TRX
    1 magic = 1 TRX
  • Reserve Fund and
    stable system
  • The best conditions and
    quick payback
  • Statistics and
    the transparency of the system
  • Secure site and
    SSL certificate

You will need a browser extension to play TronLink or TronPay.

Top up the balance of your wallet through any cryptocurrency exchange.

For smartphone: your should to use TronWallet, Math wallet or others with a built-in browser.